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JSG Partnership - The Rental and Hire Software Company - About us

Asset Rental has been developed by JSG Partnership Ltd, a privately owned company based in the Midlands. We have more than forty years programming experience between us, fourteen of which have been within the rental industry.

The company's aim has been to create quality software to specifically meet the needs of today's rental industry, basing this upon our sound knowledge and experience. We aim to provide the highest levels of service and are dedicated to this professional approach.

JSG Partnership is committed to the environment and seeks to minimise the impact on it by the manner in which we operate, primarily by using remote methods for communication, training and support. Our software adopts the same environmentally friendly concepts in its use of email functionality for sending out documents, saving time, money and valuable resources wherever possible.

JSG Partnership Ltd
8 Upper Wood
The Rock
Telephone: +44(0)121 286 7002