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Introducing Asset Rental Mobile...
New search features in our hire software

Asset Rental Mobile (A.R.M.) is software for Windows mobile devices which allows order details to be recorded during delivery, eliminating the need for paper delivery notes.

These details are later uploaded directly to an Asset Rental database, removing the need for office personnel to manually confirm orders. The business benefits include:

  • streamlining the delivery process resulting in improved efficiency
  • eliminating manual data entry mistakes by uploading delivery details with 100% accuracy
  • saving time and money
Although A.R.M. is an optional extension to Asset Rental Desktop, the savings it can generate make it an invaluable addition.

What makes A.R.M. different or better?
Our Asset Rental software now has single and multi branch modes

Nowadays most rental and distribution software systems are able to extend their functionality onto mobile devices, so what makes Asset Rental Mobile so special?

  • Looks and feels like a contemporary mobile app
  • The design is finger friendly and easy to use
  • There is pop up help available throughout
  • Designed to be flexible and secure
  • You can quickly record aborted visits
  • The ability to set a list of tasks to be completed
  • There are handy van stock management features
  • You can enter multiple batch numbers

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Mobile device rental and hire software

Flexible by design...
New features in our hire software

Throughout design and development we have made Asset Rental Mobile as flexible as possible:

  • Handles consumable deliveries, equipment installations & removals, product recalls, service visits, and the collection of items for refundable deposits
  • Accesses multiple delivery routes on the same device, allowing delivery personnel to work away from the office for extended periods
  • Fully orientation aware allowing screens to be viewed in both portrait and landscape modes, optimising the viewing area
  • Allows different batch numbers for each product and multiple batch numbers for a single order line
  • No limit on the number of aborted visits that can be recorded against each order

Protection through security...
Our Asset Rental software now has single and multi branch modes

The use of mobile devices can potentially expose businesses to data loss or theft once it leaves the office. A.R.M. mitigates this as much as possible by:

  • Requiring delivery personnel to provide a name and password before access is granted
  • Encrypting data downloaded to the device
  • Disabling access to administrative functions when the device is in use by delivery personnel
  • Limiting the data downloaded to the device strictly to that which is needed to complete delivery
For a more in depth look at A.R.M. please view our product video.

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