Live driver tracking location in our hire software

Delivery Driver Tracking
New mobile features in our hire software

This new feature of Asset Rental is the perfect companion to Asset Rental Mobile. Using the same scalable maps as Asset Rental's other mapping screens, this new feature will let you:

  • View the most recently reported locations of your delivery drivers
  • Receive updates to the delivery status of each order in real-time in addition to details of any aborted visits
  • View the locations of delivery drivers of other branches in your organisation
  • Determine which delivery driver is closest to a location for an ad hoc delivery by use of the map "hot spot" function, which lets you highlight a circular area on the map centred on a given postcode
  • Select the displayed map from a range of map providers, allowing satellite and hybrid maps to be displayed

New Order Mapping Screens
Mapping screens for your hire business in our rental software

Asset Rental storms into 2013 with a slew of new features including several new mapping screens to further simplify the management of your rental business. Slated to be released to customers by the end of the first quarter of 2013, here is a taste of the new capabilities:

  • Organise your despatched and scheduled orders using a convenient drag & drop feature that lets you easily change the order sequence or even the routes used
  • Quickly access the full order details directly from the mapping screen, or get a summary using the tooltips available from the map screen itself
  • Fully scalable maps that can be zoomed in to the level you require, overlaid with the active routes categorised through colour
  • Identify growth areas for your business using our account location map, which pinpoints your customers' location for easy analysis

Mapping Screen Thumbnail

Mobile device rental and hire software

Asset Rental Mobile
New search features in our hire software

Asset Rental takes a great leap forward with the release of a Windows Mobile solution for use by delivery personnel. Expected for release during the first quarter of 2012, Asset Rental Mobile will offer many easy to use and cost saving features:

  • Download delivery routes from any Asset Rental database within the local network
  • Access multiple delivery routes from the same Windows Mobile device
  • Secure logins for delivery personnel
  • Delivery details are uploaded quickly and accurately directly from the Mobile device to the Asset Rental database
Note: Asset Rental Mobile is a program in development and as such, screenshots are subject to change.

Google Maps
Our Asset Rental software now has single and multi branch modes

Asset Rental will integrate access to Google Maps so that you can see a customer's geographical location. This feature will let you take advantage of:

  • Google Street View, which provides panoramic views from various positions in the road where the customer account is located
  • Get Directions, which provides optimal driving routes and an overview map
  • Various other built-in features such as current weather conditions and satellite imagery


Business Intelligence Report Chart

Business Intelligence Reports now available
Get the information you need with hire software

Asset Rental now offers business intelligence reports which are viewed as spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel. These reports are very flexible and allow you to dynamically interrogate the data to give you the information you need. There are 8 different reports available:

  • Aborted Visits
  • Customer Movements
  • Managed Asset Income
  • Sales Forecasts
  • Sales Income
  • Sales by Batch Number
  • Consumable Deposit Movements
  • Managed Asset Deposit Movements

New Product Recall Features
Product Recall capabilities for your hire business in our rental software

Asset Rental now includes three new features which allow your business to meet the challenge of performing a product recall.

  • Search orders by batch number to easily identify and alert customers in possession of the recalled product
  • Create a "Sales by Batch Number" business intelligence report allowing you to accurately quantify the size of the recall problem
  • Automatically create orders for the collection of the recalled products
You can view a video of these new product recall features in action on our videos page.

Product Recall Thumbnail

New sage accounts versions supported in our rental and hire software

New Sage Instant versions supported
New Sage instant support in our rental application - Asset Rental 2010

In addition to support for Sage Instant version 15, Asset Rental now supports versions 16 and 17, reinforcing our commitment to one of the UK's most popular accounting packages.

  • New versions use the same reliable, easy to use interface as our support for version 15
  • Control when to post account changes, product details and orders to Sage Instant
  • Print invoices from within Sage Instant itself or as consolidated invoices from within Asset Rental
  • New versions also use Sage Instant credit management features for the automatic suspension and release of orders within Asset Rental
We also offer a service to import your existing customer details into Asset Rental from Sage Instant to get you up and running. This service is subject to a small additional charge.

New single and multi branch modes
Our Asset Rental software now has single and multi branch modes

Asset Rental now has 2 modes of operation - single branch and multiple branch modes. In single branch mode management of products and stock is much simpler for smaller businesses operating from a single location. In multiple branch mode, Asset Rental maintains the same product and stock management features as before.

  • In single branch mode a new, simplified product maintenance screen replaces the product and stock maintenance screens available in multiple branch mode
  • The previous multiple branch mode features remain unchanged, so the same level of corporate control over the stock that each branch is allowed to supply to customers is maintained
  • A very simple upgrade process is all that is required to switch your Asset Rental database from single to multiple branch mode
  • This additional level of scalability means that Asset Rental can continue to grow with your business

A rental order in the warehouse

New account offer search added to our rental and hire software

Two new search features added
New search features in our hire software

In addition to the six existing search features for accounts, orders and rental products, Asset Rental now adds two new search features for account offers and consumable scheduled orders. This gives you even more ways to find the data you want quickly and efficiently.

  • The two new search features take advantage of many different search filters allowing you to search by customer details, offer types and more
  • You can print letters or send bulk emails to customers listed in the search results using Asset Rental's built-in mail merge function
  • Use the links that appear in the search results to easily navigate to associated screens such as the account, account offer and consumable scheduled order maintenance screens.
  • Use the built-in features of the search results to sort and hide columns and to change their display positions

Suspend and release orders manually
Order management for your hire business in our rental software

Building on Asset Rental's existing ability to suspend and release orders automatically, this new feature also lets you manually suspend and release orders, for example, in response to the withdrawal of credit for a customer account by your accounts package.

  • Open orders can be suspended and suspended orders can be released, irrespective of the credit status of the customer account in question
  • Deal with individual customer circumstances with greater flexibility
  • Correct mistakes easily
  • Easily find suspended orders using the order search feature

A rental order being prepared

A delivery of hire products

Maintain accurate aborted visit data
Manage deliveries in our hire software

Asset rental now gives you complete control over maintaining information about unsuccessful visits such as attempts to deliver an order or make a service call.

  • Easily add, change or delete information about an aborted visit
  • Mistakes are easily corrected, even after a completed order has already been confirmed
  • Makes the accurate tracking of driver performance easier
  • By promoting the maintenance of accurate information about aborted visits, more appropriate solutions to improve operational efficiency can be identified